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  Gone I guess it's time to talk about it Four months since you made that night call and two months since I turned my back on you. I chose myself after you forgot to choose me. Was it beautiful? Yes Magical? Of course  Was it right? No, I used to think it was till it wasn't  Yeah, it's okay to sit and wallow for a bit But the truth remains that it is gone Never allowing another person tell me they don't want me more than once. Never going back to pain or hurt Don't let emotions cloud your judgement. Ask yourself what's the cost of what you are doing  What is being taken from you in exchange for what you have? I had a beautiful experience and I'm going to be forever grateful for that but it's gone. I feel lighter  Excited about the next one because I'm a sucker for it. I'm a big sucker for it, I'm going to give myself to it but not forgetting the lessons I learnt the first time. I'm going to give myself again and hope that it works out thi

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